B2B Designs

B2B Designs showcase fashion sets that I have created on Polyvore. I create fashion styles for ALL! Let me Style YOU!

My My My

Lovin you
Lovin you by brownfox1 featuring a cut out dress

Sunshine & Blue Skies

Diamond Chic

Family Reunion

Black and Yellow

Asian Twist

Untitled #151

Spring Daisies

Queen B

Candy Shop
Candy Shop by brownfox1 featuring woven shoes

Sexy Girl

Glittering Gold

Taking a walk
Untitled #138


Entire Outfit From Target!


Grey with a Twist

Jackie O

JCPenny! by brownfox1 featuring forever new

Blue Flowers

The Queen is here!

Untitled #77

Untitled #84

Untitled #85

Spring time is here! Holla!

Untitled #63

Colors by brownfox1 featuring slip on shoes

Pants IllusionJumpsuit
Jumpsuit by brownfox1 featuring maxmara

A Lovely Day

Raining here in Texas

Work in the spring

Untitled #137
Untitled #137 by brownfox1 featuring an oasis shirt

Get to Work

Untitled #172

Chic Easy Pieces!

Let's go Shopping

Untitled #87

Golden Glow

Spring into Work!

Meet me at the Movies

Peace VS War
NYC State of Mind

Spring Jumpsuit

Anchor's Away

DoTs! by brownfox1 featuring polka dot bags

Outside Concert
Outside Concert by brownfox1 featuring brown jewelry
Smooth Criminal

Black Tops and Jeans

Hey Red!

Tiffany Blue

Grapes and Oranges

Line up!
Line up! by brownfox1 featuring tall shirts
Out on the town!

Classic Black and White

Around the Way Girl
Untitled #88

Chillin attire

Pink Champagne

Blue Mixed Prints

Barefeet Jeans

Corset shirt

Movie Date

Laid Back Pearls

Texas Baby!

Classy but Hood
Chilling with girls

$145 - harrods.com
Casual Fridays

Untitled #28

Rockin the Cross!


Palm Trees

Pink Dayz

Color Blocking

Weekend Getaway
B 2 B

B 2 B by brownfox1 featuring a simply silver

B 2 B

B 2 B by brownfox1 featuring marble jewelry

The Look For Less

Hippie Chic

Red Hot Girl

Blue Wednesday

ROck it

ROck it by brownfox1 featuring 1928 jewelry

Texas Cowgirl

Saturday Shopping

Lip Gloss Poppin

Chambray Top
Red Bottoms

Holla! by brownfox1 featuring shiseido

Dripping Gold

Cute Love

B2B Fashion

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